About Us

Columbus Consulting group is your business services hub. We are a global U.S. immigration and business’ strategies consultancy firm. As such, we, at Columbus, are:

Dedicated. We believe in our clients. We share in our clients’ ambition and aim to accompany them all along their growth in the United States. We are dedicated to responding to global business and mobility needs if our clients wish to live, bring their family, work, invest in the United States, start a business, or set up an American subsidiary. We work through developing a close and trustworthy relationship with each of our clients and enthusiastically support each of their endeavors.

Knowledgeable. Our company is experienced in accompanying companies and entrepreneurs with worldwide operations, guiding them towards their implementation and business development in the United States. Our aim is to simplify complicated processes and procedures and facilitate expatriation of employees and entrepreneurs.

Connected. In addition, we actively assist our clients, from start-ups to multinationals, who include entrepreneurs, industry leaders, artists, in developing their business and careers in the United States. To this aim, we provide individually tailored assistance, offering advice and developing programs in collaboration with the entirety of our professional network both in the United States and abroad.

Professional. We are committed to providing personalized, high quality, high value, timely and cost efficient services delivered through our multilingual staff and partners. Not only do we pride ourselves in conducting business in an ethical and trustworthy manner, we also demand the same from all of our business partners.

Global. Columbus enjoys a steady flow of exciting new cases and business projects. We operate in a global context, pleased to welcome practice and industry leaders from around the world. Each new client brings not only new relationships and opportunities, but adds to the companies international perspective, experience, readiness and innovative approach. Furthermore, our entire staff and partners are multilingual, making a seemingly daunting expatriation process as simple and as stress-free as possible, and perhaps, even enjoyable.

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Word from Isabel Marcus Columbus

Founder and President

I founded the company on the principle of creating a new type of business services hub, one with a personal and tailored approach to each client’s project. Being a native of France, where I used to work in the Entertainment industry, I perfectly understand the challenge it represents for foreigners to work and reside in the United States. As such, I aim to welcome every client in a nurtured way, guiding him or her through the subtle and intense path of the expatriation and relocation in the United States.

With enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge of business practices and extensive experience dealing with multinational companies and entrepreneurs’ business needs, I’m fully determined to find solutions, even a creative one! I’m proud to lead a company where I, my distinguished team as well as our network of experts and partners humbly contribute to the professional and personal endeavors and successes of our clients in the US.