Treaty Trader — Substantial Trade between France and the U.S.


Treaty Investor — Investment in a U.S. company / subsidiary


  • At least 50% of the company must be owned by nationals of the treaty country (such as France)
  • The applicant must be a national of the majority shareholder’s treaty country
  • The applicant can either be a entrepreneur/investor, an executive, a manager, or a highly skilled employee

E1 requirements:

A substantial trade based on:

  • The number of shipments/transactions
  • Its value in US $
  • At least 50% of the trade must be between the US and the applicant treaty country

E2 requirements:

  • The investment must be substantial (>$100K)
  • ‘Active’ investment that must have a beneficial economic impact in the U.S. (i.e. creating jobs)
  • The Company must be real and operational

Period of stay

Granted for 5 years, renewable indefinitely in five-year increments.


The spouse of an E visa holder is eligible for work authorization